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The Beginning

With a lot of things in life, it is much easier to procrastinate than to just launch yourself into action.

The beginning of a journey, is sometimes the hardest part. Take for instance when you set goals for yourself at the beginning of each year. So many people want to start living a healthy life, but it is so much easier to live the unhealthy way.

The reason for this is simple, it's called habit. Or some would also like to refer to it as beliefs. Our belief systems or habits is what keeps us "alive", but what if these beliefs is actually what keeps you stagnated? Dr. Wayne Dyer describes it nicely as our "tribal beliefs". To act and believe and live the way our "tribe" has taught for generations. I'm not talking about healthy beliefs that promote growth and fulfillment. I'm talking about beliefs that has a low energetic vibration such as fear, doubt, resentment, procrastination and anger to name a few.

There are also belief systems that you could pick up on your journey through life with contact and experiences at school or work. Bad habits are unfortunately much easier to learn and adapt to that good ones.

So, back to the beginning...

In our modern life all technology has a "reset" button. If your cellphone is overloaded and doesn't function the way it was intended to, you reset it. Or if your internet router doesn't operate at the speed when you first got it, you reset it.

And just like everything else, that gets overloaded or our energetic vibration start slowing down, we also need a reset. The reason for not just getting up and starting a new venture or healthy lifestyle is because you're stuck in a belief system. Overloaded with low energy and limiting beliefs.

Reiki energy healing is the reset our energy bodies need. It's referred to as chakra balancing. We are all born with the energetic abilities to heal ourselves. Every living organism is in a constant state of maintaining balance. It is this energy within that helps with the process of repairing and replace aspects of itself as needed.

Be the light! Share the love!


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