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Meditation Mind

Updated: Jun 28, 2023

When you start a conscious journey to nurture and nourish your mental health, the very first thing that comes up on your "to-do" list is: Meditate.

Balancing body and mind
"Meditation (if put into simple words) is the Art of being able to Separate your Thoughts from your Ego and Inner Chatter."

There's those that would suggest exercising and following a healthy diet, but Meditation is what 99.9% of people would suggest. Although following a healthy lifestyle, is extremely important for a healthy "body-mind" connection.

Except for meditation, walking in nature and journaling is (to name two) alternative forms of meditating that would benefit your journey a great deal, but the Meditation that I would like to talk about is, Sitting... in Silence...

I am not about to give you all the wonderful proven facts about meditation, because, if you go on Google right now and type in "benefits of meditation", you will get blasted with LOADS of incredible reads. I believed in Meditation SO much that I created a course for beginners called: "Meditation Mind".

I want to put Meditation into a daily life perspective. The importance and benefits from being a working parent and still be able to tackle daily tasks and obstacles with SO much more control and ease that you will actually scare yourself at the results.

Inner peace
Inner peace

I started over a year ago with a Meditation practice each morning. Ranging from 10min to 45min (depending on my free time). I try my utmost not to miss a day, but like going to gym or starting a healthy diet, the beginning is a bit hard... It's best to be up before everyone, which means that you need to change your morning routine to 30min earlier. I struggled in the beginning, but followed Mel Robbins, "5 Second Rule" and created a morning routine that could not be affected by anything.

Sticking it through for the first 10 days is the most important part, coz it takes 10-14 days for a new habit to form. And from there you can just enjoy the ride!

If, for some reason I don't get to meditate the morning, I can feel it throughout my day. My Focus, Ability to Troubleshoot, Study, Emotional Intelligence, Willpower, Self-control... The list goes on! Everything is much harder to have and keep control over. Whereas with my daily Meditation, everything feels like it just flows naturally, and I truly sometimes stand in awe with how easy it becomes to work through challenges and busy routines.

Meditation (if put into simple words) is the Art of being able to separate your thoughts from your Ego and Inner chatter. Everyone experience inner chatter on a daily basis, and most of the time these "inner conversations" are not Uplifting or Motivating AND MOSTLY, not true! With a Meditation Mind, you are aware and can identify this "smack talk" and put it into place before it starts growing roots, which will of course grown into a mighty thought and cause a whole lot of ruckuses in your mind. Sadly, these thoughts become actions which cause unwanted results. And it's due to these results that we always have low vibrational inner chatter... It becomes a Vicious Circle that runs in a loop.

Never give up! Take control today, even though it gets hard sometimes!

Be the Light! Share the Love!


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